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 West Granton Housing Co-operative Limited (WGHC) was formed in 1990 by residents of the West Granton area of north Edinburgh in order to provide new rented housing in an area dominated by low demand council housing.

Initially deck access blocks in West Granton itself were demolished and a phased redevelopment of the area took place. Between 1993 and 2002 WGHC built 241 low rise houses and flats in West Granton in three phases. In addition two parks and much of the landscaping in the area is owned, managed and maintained by WGHC.

In 2002 WGHC began to expand its operations north into West Pilton. This was initially through the acquisition of mostly derelict properties: 9 flats in West Pilton Drive and Green and 2 houses in West Pilton Terrace.

In 2006 we acquired 72 new build houses and flats on two sites in West Pilton from Link Homes.

In 2008 we completed 11 flats at 15 & 16 West Pilton Bank. This project was built by J Smart & Co. with Places for People (PFP) acting as development agents.

In September 2009 we completed 45 new flats at Colonsay Close and Waterfront Park. This project was built by Hart Builders with PFP again as development agents.

The new developments took WGHC’s total housing stock to 380. Due to reduced levels of housing grants and lack of local sites, further development is highly unlikely in the medium term.

WGHC has shifted focus to component replacements within existing stock. New kitchens and boilers were installed in 143 houses and flats in 2008 and 2009. Bathrooms in these properties started to be replaced in 2012 and this will be completed by 2014.

WGHC’s first office was a flat in one of the deck access blocks. From there we moved to the Prentice Centre in Granton Mains and then in 2001 to a new build office at 26 Granton Mill Crescent. In 2008 this office was altered and expanded.

WGHC’s Committee of Management has an average of 13 active members. All of our committee members are tenants. Some have been members of the Committee since WGHC’s inception in 1990. Others are much more recent additions and a number of new members joined the Committee in September 2012.

WGHC employs 5 full time and 4 part time staff. Staff  loyalty is high and the CEO, Gerry Gillies, has been employed by WGHC since 1991.



West Granton Housing Co-operative Limited


A fully mutual co-operative housing association providing affordable housing for rent in north Edinburgh

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